Making of an Explainer Video- DocBookings

Recently Broadcast2world has created an explainer video for Docbookings, a website where you can get the latest health news and tips written by doctors along with finding the top UK doctors and dentists. So when Docbookings contacted us to make an explainer marketing video, we were excited and started the process of creating an enticing explainer video for them.

• The first step was to send them a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about their target audience, what the client wants to accomplish with the explainer video, duration of the video etc. along with a brief of their business module in a paragraph. Questionnaire takes us under the mind of the target audience which helps us to create an explainer video better.

• After receiving back the questionnaire with all the answers, the next step was to create the rough concept and storyboard of the video. Docbookings provide information about doctors and dentists in the UK so, we had to make sure that we should show what problems patients go through while searching for a good doctor. Health is a serious issue, so we have to make sure that the video is informative enough and show what may be the repercussions if a person does not get contact details of a good doctor when he actually needs it.

• For every good idea, there are at least a dozen terrible ideas. After lots of agreements and disagreements, the creative team finally came up with an exciting idea and wrote the script. By planning the scenes in a storyboard, we further made sure that it’s understandable. An important step in creating the video was thinking carefully through each scene and how the visuals will work with the voice-over. Usually the rough concept and storyboard are hand-drawn representations that capture sets, characters, and so forth that will appear in the final product. For Docbookings, we used both motion characters and infographics to make the video most intriguing and informative.

So, we finally completed the explainer video and the client, ‘Docbookings’ was quite happy with the final product and it's for sure that through this animated explainer marketing video, they will be able to expand their business reach to a great extent.

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