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Find the Most Effective Professional Video Production Services

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 15, 2014 7:00:31 AM / by Maneesh Garg posted in animation video, professional video production, video production company, Videos in Online Marketing

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For any organization with an online presence and a comprehensive website, their search engine rankings and conversion rates are of primary importance to them. Which means getting people to their website, and keeping them engaged long enough for them to make a purchase or contact your sales team becomes the main aim.

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A Guide to Different Character Styles for Explainer Videos

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 14, 2014 1:16:22 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated explainer video, animation video, explainer video, explainer video animation, explainer videos, Video Animation

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Characters are the ones that make or break a story. Explainer videos can leverage this to explain their product or service. This is a well establish rule of storytelling.  When characters are used to explain a particular service or product, people find it easier to understand and empathize since they are easier to relate to. There are several styles within the ambit of character animation for explainer video itself. The style of characters you opt for should depend primarily on the mood of the video and the tone of the script.
The following categories are helpful to recognize the different character styles that are most widely used.

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7 Signs You Should Invest in Animated Videos

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 15, 2014 8:41:37 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated video production, animated videos, animation video, Business, explainer marketing video, explainer marketing video for your, promotional video, Video Animation, website videos, animated explainer videos

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Videos account for nearly 40% of all consumer internet traffic and by 2014, the number’s expected to reach 57%. The likelihood of a first-page Google result is 53% higher if your page has a video explaining your business or services.

These are the facts, the crux being simple: without a promotional video you are definitely missing out on an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. But as with most things, the timing’s quite important too. Here are 7 signs that will help you recognize that it’s the perfect time to invest in an explainer marketing video for your business.


1.You need a new customer base- If your traditional customer base is fast eroding, it’s time to reach out to new people and make them aware of your product or services. Videos on the internet get more eyeballs than any other marketing medium. Thus, a promotional video increases your chances of creating inroads into unexplored demographics.

2.Your conversion rates are dipping: Getting visitors on your website is one thing and turning these visitors into customers is another. An effective video, on the other hand, can help tilt the odds significantly in your favor. Videos can increase conversion rates by 15 to 50 percent.  An average person on the Internet has an attention span of eight seconds. The longer you hold the attention of your audience, the more time they spend on your website; the more time they spend, the higher your conversion rate!

3. You need to encourage customer loyalty:  If you need to make your brand recognizable, a simple and effective way to make your mark is through an amazing promotional video on your website. Whether you choose to have a series of animations or a one-off web video, animations can offer the ideal platform to create a character or set of images or a color scheme that your customers will identify with your brand.

4. Your competitors are miles ahead: It might well be because they have a video on their website and you don’t! Whatever may be the cause, it’s clear that your promotional methods are not giving you the returns you expect. An explainer video on your website will give you that edge to get back in the race.

5. Your website appears on the seventh page of Google Search Results: This is a sure sign that you need a video right away. When your website is not doing as expected boosting SEO becomes vitally important. Video content is 53 times more likely to be found by Google. An explainer video on your website will get your name on that coveted first page on Google search results and help your clients discover you.

6. The stats are not in your favor: If you are not satisfied with the view count of your homepage, here’s something you might want to consider: Roughly 45.4% of internet users watch at least a single video on a monthly basis. 75% of the total business executives, who use the internet, watch at least one work-related video featured on business web pages on a weekly basis. Plus, 59% of the senior business executives strongly prefer watching videos instead of reading website content.

Do we still need to tell you that getting a promotional video is the need of the hour?

7. You need to revamp your business: Things are not going the way you want them to and something is missing. You feel there is a need to look at your business model once again and think of ways to reshape it. Don’t worry: It’s quite the norm. Companies need to revamp their business models and promotional tactics to keep up with the recent trends and to enter new markets over the passage of time. A video on your website would not only be a fresh start, but judging by emerging trends, a necessity.

The signs have spoken. If you recognize any of the above, it’s time to give us a call. Click here to get in touch with our reps right away!

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8 Ways to Make Marketing Videos Go Viral

[fa icon="calendar'] May 29, 2014 4:35:25 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated video production, animation video, Cartoon Animation Maker, fun video, Fun videos, marketing video, marketing videos, Video Animation, Viral Video, viral video production, viral video production house, viral videos, website videos, animated explainer videos

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3 Best Animated Movies of 2013

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 25, 2014 11:48:35 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated films, animated movies, animation video, Video Animation

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Animated Videos - 10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Buying One

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 24, 2013 1:01:59 PM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated online video, animated video company, animated video production, animated web video, animation video, Before You Buy, Video Animation, web video

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Tips for Animated video productionAnimated web videos have manifold and all-pervasive benefits for businesses, and you too might be considering getting one for your company. But before you do, there are plenty of decisions that you need to make and points that you need to consider. Here are ten tips that will go a long way in helping you get that perfect animated video.

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Animation Video Maker – Your Answer to all the Video Needs

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 10, 2012 6:11:12 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animation maker, animation video, animation video maker, Video Animation

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Animation videos are indeed one of the best ways to put across your point. A wide variety of applications of animation videos include training through animated videos, marketing in presentations or simply explanatory videos for a product. Whatever is the use, it definitely has a greater impact on the viewer which is certainly a lot better than long and verbose texts.

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Make Your Own Animation Video

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 10, 2012 5:53:38 AM / by Manish Roshan posted in animated video, animated videos, animation video, animation videos, make animation video, Video Animation

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Animated videos have become very popular in the past few years. More and more people are showing interest in learning the art and concept. Animation videos have become a craze especially among the youngsters who like to express their mind using the immense ability and power of animated video . You can create your animated videos and share it online or send it to some friend via email. This has resulted in most online marketers using the concept to promote the company’s products and services. A number of professional animated video production companies have also come up in the recent past. There are different ways in which the animated videos can be made. You do not need an access to camera or editing software in order to create an animated video but a computer and specialized software. With a couple of simple steps, you can make animation video of your own. You can easily learn the skills online and get started at making animated videos.

Tutorials Online: Several websites offer tutorial to teach how to make animation video with the software. You can learn it at the comfort of your home and create your own graphics sitting at your home.Animation School: In case you are serious about learning animation, you can join an animation school meant for serious film making.

How to make Animated Videos

You can create the animated videos very easily with the use of simple and easy to use software and tool on your computer. You can make animation video without the use of cameras. What you require is a good script, specialized software and reliable internet connection to get started. There are a plenty of animation video making software tools that can be used for free. You can create funny and interactive animation video with these softwares. All these systems are pretty simple, you just have to follow the steps as directed.

Animated Videos with Images

Animated videos can also be created with the use of images. Using certain software’s, you can add the images, voice, insert video and create the video by simply dragging the elements from the picture gallery into the timeline editor. There are a number of different softwares available in the market for you to choose from.

Hiring a Professional

The most important point to understand here is that while you can easily make animation video on your own, you would never be able to match the quality and concept as provided by an expert of the field. Your video would not be able to promote your product in a professional way and would always give a negative feeling. The experts have specialized software and a creative team that brainstorms and come up with brilliant ideas related to animation videos. These ideas are then used by the expert technicians of the field to make animation video that appears truly professional and well built. A well-built video is able to connect with the potential clients in a much better way and is able to provide better return of investment.

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